Our marketing services

We are about people, purpose and change

Our campaigns aim to make a difference to people and communities from road safety and recycling to tackling obesity and raising awareness about cancer and heart disease. We build emotional connections using our skillset in research, psychology, marketing and PR. All our campaigns are thoroughly researched and tested first to make sure we are targeting the right people with the right message.

Our marketing methods

Check out all the wonderful things we do here at Social Change UK

  • Social advertising
  • Websites & microsites
  • Mobile phone applications
  • Email marketing
  • Photography
  • Infographics
  • Video & viral campaigns
  • Graphic design & advertising
  • Newsletters / magazines
  • Public relations
  • Brand refresh/design
  • Social media campaigns

Creating social businesses

We help businesses grow by doing good

Before the financial meltdown the fastest growing trend in business was the move towards social responsibility. Doing well and doing good are no longer seen to be mutually exclusive.

Many businesses understand that the philosophy of profit for profits sake is no longer the key to sustainable success and many are looking to change how they operate. We help businesses become sustainable, ethical, social and responsible. Check out our social business page to find out how we can help your business be great, by doing good. 

Issues we've worked on

  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol harm
  • Health screening
  • Tobacco control
  • Recycling
  • Crime reduction
  • Oral health
  • Physical activity
  • Binge drinking
  • Cancer prevention
  • Climate change
  • Smoking in pregnancy
  • Sexual health

How we can help you

We work to make a difference. It is what we do and who we are.

  • Research - we understand people. And when you understand people, amazing things can happen.
  • Strategy - from supplier to customer, we have the right plan for you
  • Communicate - whatever channel you choose, we work hard to make sure your message is not only heard, but acted on. It's called emotional connection and we deliver this.
  • Brand - we create beautiful and meaningful brands. The kind that stand to attention.
  • Engagement - we can help you engage with communities. And when communities come together it is a powerful thing.
  • Evaluate - we help organisations to evaluate their impact. Because it matters.