Digital Engagement

Trained by Google, inspired by all things tech and approved by Government, we know how to engage your audience in this exciting digital world.

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We deliver engaging creative digital experiences across all platforms and channels.

Today digital sits at the heart of marketing. It also sits at the heart of relationships. As agents of change, our purpose is to provide our clients with the digital services and skills needed to help them create and build connections with people - from customers and consumers to patients and public.

Digital transformation drives everything we do. Every strategy and solution we develop is rooted in affecting positive change, both in how businesses operate and how they interact with their customers - people.

Technology for change

Online products that bring positive change.

Behaviour change interventions and marketing messages are increasingly being delivered through digital channels including websites, smartphone apps, social media channels and wearables. We design and deliver digital solutions that are not only innovative and engaging - but most importantly deliver positive social change.

We have built online behaviour change platforms to help people self care and manage their health condition and we have designed and delivered online MOT's and health screening tools to help people understand their world right now. We have designed community engagement platforms and helped the NHS to deliver health services online. We even use digital tools and the latest technology to deliver education and we have worked on fundraising platforms and viral marketing campaigns to help people make positive and rewarding decisions about their life. Just check out our portfolio to discover more.

Everything we do has behavioural science at the root of the design - because we believe beautiful online products have to work.


The power of video.

Did you know that one third of all online activity is spent watching video? And the amount of people viewing video via their mobile currently rises by 100% per year?

Our video production services are targeted at online audiences, tailored to stand out from the crowd, instantly grab attention and ooze share-ability. We use video to raise awareness of important issues such as smoking and cancer, build emotional connections with the audience and drive people to your organisation, business, brand or cause.

If you are interested in our video services please download our guide and contact our team to book a non-obligatory telephone/Skype consultation to explore your requirements.

Types of video

Video offers a unique opportunity to engage people. We can offer:

  • Talking head videos
  • Storytelling and cause marketing videos
  • TV/ online advertising
  • Video for social media
  • Interviews
  • Education/ how to/ teaching/ tutorial videos
  • Animated video

Social Media

We are all about the conversation.

Social is naturally a part of everything we do. Community is often built through social so we give it our full attention.

Our job is to create and curate content that tells the story you want to tell in a way your audience wants to consume it. Whatever the platform, whatever the medium.

If it is just social, or you want to discuss social as part of a larger campaign to bring about change then talk to our team.